The Life of a Plastic Bag – mocumentary  

This may be one of my favorite videos that I have ever found due to the fact that it’s PURE GENIUS! The Life of a plastic bag – mocumentary is very funny, informational in a way, yet still has a great message. 

This mocumentary was made by Heal the Bay. They are an organization working on making California’s oceans healthy and clean and advertising the Great Pacific Garbage patch.    You can follow them on twitter @HealTheBay.  The video is basically about how a plastic bag travels to the pacific garbage patch and the things that it might encounter along the way.  The humorous side to it is that the narrator refers to the plastic bag as a type of animal (even though its not) while mocking the style of documentaries. 

If you want a good laugh while still learning something new, I would highly recommend this video for you.  🙂 

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Commented on R . e . c .l. a .i. m .i. n . g . B . i . n . k . y ‘s Blog

I found a really interesting post on R . e . c .l. a .i. m .i. n . g . B . i . n . k . y ‘s Blog about plastic in our lives/society.  It’ s called Resist-The-Plastic: Time for a Splash and it mentioned some pretty interesting things like how some plastics that we use everyday can’t be recycled and also one of my favorite artists, Chris Jordan. 🙂 Unfortunately, my comment hasn’t shown up yet but I’ll leave the link to the article below along with what I wrote:  


Wow this was really interesting! 🙂 It’s really sad that not all plastic is recyclable but at least we have the ability to pick products that are packaged in recyclable materials (I prefer to use soap bars as well) I’m so glad you mentioned Chris Jordan! (He’s one of my favorite artists) *note to self: use less toothpaste* 🙂

Triple Threat – quiz – question – artwork

I found this really cool quiz that I recommend trying; it’s about the Great Pacific garbage patch and there are some pretty interesting things about it in the quiz. Even though the Great Pacific Garbage patch is about the same size as Texas in water, if you were to bring it on land, it would cover all of the United Sates twice! 🙂

I happen to have a question about my topic that I’ve been thinking about for a while that I’d like to share with you; what do you think the pacific garbage patch will look in the future and what will happen if we don’t take action and clean it up?  It’s going to get worse and we know it, but how bad? 

Also, I’m working on a new art piece representing my topic that I’ll definitely share and I’ll be posting updates on my twitter account @juliplastica *Follow me please? 🙂

High school girl discovers Styrofoam-eating bacterium

Ok, so this week, my teacher found an article involving bugs, plastic, and a solution.   I gave it a read and I discovered that this article was AMAZING! 🙂 

It’s basically about this girl that had created a meal worm of sorts that could decompose the plastics that Styrofoam cups are made of.  This is a big deal due to the fact that polystyrene (Styrofoam) basically NEVER decomposes completely. It does however break apart into smaller pieces, but because of its light weight, those particles quickly become both airborne and waterborne, where they create chaos in ocean food chain.  Biodegradable alternatives are now in stores, but hopefully Tseng I-Ching’s discovery will help to get rid of all that nasty plastic. 

I really liked this article because it really inspired me to do something to change our world and make it a better place.  Also, this girl was fairly young and even still, she was able to make a difference.  Plus, the idea is really cool, but honestly, I wouldn’t want to have to work with all those meal worms just to create the right species…

There are many articles similar to this involving kids finding new ways to solve the earth’s plastic problem and I’d love to give them a read. 🙂 

What are your opinions on the article?  Do you want to make a change in the world?  

Welcome to my Blog! :)

Hi! I am a student interested in the Great Pacific Garbage patch and the problems and effects of plastic in our society. I’ve been researching my topic and I’ve made some opinions and found some interesting information that I’d love to share.  🙂

So, I came up with this idea yesterday when I was walking to dance, and I noticed that there was A LOT of plastic garbage on the ground. I picked up some pieces that were around me, disposed of them, and then thought about some crazy things like how people can be so lazy and that even though I disposed of the garbage, the garbage was being put in a plastic garbage bag that would have to decompose.  But, what if people got paid for cleaning up the environment and that their job would be to help solve our plastic problem?There could be a company that helps promote the great pacific garbage patch and the use of plastic free products.  They could organize events that clean up the world’s garbage and hire scientists that help to create products that simulate plastic, decompose faster and are overall, better for the environment.This could open up many new jobs for people due to the problem of fewer jobs.

What do you think of this idea?Could it work?I’d love to hear your opinions.  🙂  Oh, and if this business exists, please let me know because I’d like to know more about it.

Fun Facts:

24 million gallons of oil are needed for producing the plastic bottles made each year

4/5 bags in the U.S are plastic

Every single plastic product ever made has not fully decomposed yet

What’s your opinion on this plastic problem? What do you think we should do about it?